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Configuration Support

Configuration and tuning of a system in order to optimize it's effectiveness is something that is a skill acquired through years of experience. Our configuration support is designed to help reduce this learning curve and allow a greater understanding of how all the features of the dialer work. Configuration support is offered for optimizing dialing patterns, campaign management, archive control, lead management, and many other aspects of ViciDial.

This level of support is designed to be a valuable resource and tool for your Linux/IT support staff. It is to effectively augment their abilities and enable them to pro-actively maintain the dialer directly. If you would rather ViciDial Group maintain your dialer then we would like to suggest purchasing a support plan designed to fit your needs. Customers that already have an active support plan will receive pro-rated 24x7 configuration support unless you purchased 24x7  premium support on your plan.

Many basic configuration questions can be answered through familiarity with the ViciDial Manager's Manual. While we offer a free sample manual for download we recommend you purchase the full ViciDial Manager's Manual for detailed explanations and a complete reference (over 3-times as long). The full manual is included with the purchase of a dialer or support plan and is available as a direct download or hard-copy.


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