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Optimising ViciDial

  • Does your Vicidial System perform how it should?Optimizing Vicidial
  • Are your Agents bored or feel disturbed in their conversations by rarely incomming calls?
  • Are your customers happy?
  • Are your inbound hold times acceptable?
  • Do you create to many DROPs?
  • Does your dialer use or waste too many Leads?
  • Do you reach less customer than with manual dialing?
  • Or do you reach more customers but make less sales?
  • Do you have trouble fullfilling a Service Level Agreement?
  • Do you have to comply to regulations, like in the UK?
  • Is it even possible to dial predictive with close to no drops?
  • Why can't I get more calls thru?
We love to help you with all this questions!
Please call us to hear more about all the Optimisations we can do for you!

And now please take a seat first:
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